NEBULA, Network Storage Specialized in Video Surveillance

It goes without saying that today’s video surveillance systems are generating more video data than ever before. A large amount of cameras, which are increasingly moving towards to ultra-high definition, will be set up in recent years, and a lengthy video retention, such as 90 days, is also mandatory in many geographic regions due to the recent terrorist activities and increase in security concerns.

Given the overwhelming amounts of data generated by cameras, especially in large surveillance projects, end users as well as system integrators are looking for cost-effective and high-efficient storage solution with outstanding reliability.

Uniview, a manufacturer who has 15 years’ experience in independent research and development of network storage for video surveillance industry, has consigned thousands of petabyte of storage to customers in a great many of projects, most of which are high-end industry, such as airports, safe cities, metro lines, etc.

Uniview has complete storage product lines named as Nebula from different capacities to different performance, which are designed and manufactured as following principles:

Stay Efficient
Nebula, taking advantage of Intel 64-bit multi-core processor, ECC DDR3 memory, the high-speed internal data channel consisting of PCI-Express 3.0 bus technology and SAS 3.0 back-end expansion technology, has a maximum performance of 512ch/1204Mbps for single storage host, which means that fewer storage hosts are required in large scale project. Optimized cache management algorithm, including cache reasonably sorting, cache smart partition and so on, also greatly improves read and write performance. Additionally, Nebula has various kinds of modules to extend front-end service bandwidth, including 1 GE and 10 GE interface.

Stay Reliable
Reliability is the most important element for a storage system, because a robust storage system ensures the access to video record all the time.

On the aspect of hardware design, Nebula has carrier-class reliability and is able to ensure 7*24 hours continuous work on account of internal cable-free structure design and redundant modular design for every key component including fan, power supply, battery and controller, which means you can change these modules with device online. Additionally, anti-dust and anti-vibration structure for hard disk is also well-designed.

As for software, Nebula has lots of technologies to stay away from data loss. On the one hand, Nebula is equipped with a powerful RAID engine, including fast disk reconstruction to replace XOR calculation with data copying and partial disk reconstruction to prevent hard disk from being pull out mistakenly, which reduces the read I/O of disk, speeds up the reconstruction, and avoids data loss. On the other hand, multiple data protection technologies are also available. For example, Nebula transfers data from risky disk to the hot spare disk before disk breakdown according to S.M.A.R.T. information and unique hard disk fault-tolerant processing algorithm, which can ensure service continuity even when the disk read error exists in the array because of fault sector repair by XOR calculation. Moreover, embedded battery module protection and data safe box are provided to ensure secure writing of cache data into data safe box at unexpected power-off without data loss.

All these technology methods make a great influence on data reliability, and Nebula achieves 0.3% hard disk failure rate, which is obviously under the industry average.

Stay Cost-effective
Density plays a key role in cost saving. The higher the density is, the less rack space required, and less cost the storage system spent. VX1848, one of Nebula, which has a unique structure design that allows 48 bays at a height of 4U with front panel hot swap, is cost-effective because of less power consumption and less heat generated. What's more, Nebula uses multistage speed fan, intelligent frequency modulation CPU technology and disk hibernation technology, which make a great influence on energy saving. Meanwhile, reasonable cache sort algorithm, along with sequential disk writing technology, also extends the lifespan of hard disk. Last but not the least, the accessibility of Nebula is as easy as accessing a document on a C drive, allowing users to get information when needed. In other word, Nebula is simple enough to be handled by maintainer with limited IT knowledge.

About Uniview
Uniview is the leading supplier of video surveillance products and solutions. With more than 12 years’ experience in IP video surveillance, Uniview now is the 7th largest manufacturer worldwide (IHS Markit).

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