Uniview Exhibited Cutting-edge Technologies and Products at SECON in South Korea and Security Show in Japan

This week, Uniview, one of global leading video surveillance manufacturers, exhibited at SECON in South Korea and Security Show in Japan. With years of development in the overseas market, Uniview delivers customized products and solutions to different countries.

Security Show 2019 and Secon 2019 are the largest and most established commercial events for the security industry in Japan and South Korea. And most importantly, this is the first time that Uniview attended the Japan Security Show. After Uniview opened the first branch office in Seoul in 2018, Uniview gained breakthrough in Japanese market as well.

What makes Uniview special?

Uniview is committed to professional manufacturing and strict quality control, ensuring that their products and services go beyond customers' expectations. Uniview complies with strict component selection, rigorous process control, reliability, and a highly accurate traceability system.

#Secon 2019 (March 6 – 8, 2019)

Uniview released brand-new products for different markets to meet various requirements. Professional panoramic cameras, a multifunctional mini PTZ dome camera and wifi product series for residential applications are bringing new experiences to users. In addition, fine pixel LED display provides not only high definition visual performance but also a hot-swap function for users to easily install.

Regarding integrated solutions, Uniview showed license plate recognition, retail, construction, face recognition, industrial park, IoT, leasing project and AI smart city solutions. Among them, the AI city solution provides a structured information solution through the deep learning algorithm, being able to extract and quickly output vehicles, pedestrians, non-motor vehicles and other objects' features from videos.

Uniview's hardware, which has excellent quality, proves Uniview's slogan "More Efficient, More Reliable". Uniview exhibited some extraordinary components. For example, the 2mm thickness PCB board is able to effectively avoid the defocus phenomenon, the car-grade LED is capable of improving 15% infrared light compensation, and the maglev fan can reduce friction, reduce noise and enable a longer service life for the NVR. Uniview always chooses the best components to provide product reliability.

Uniview also has outstanding technology to show its R&D ability. Their unique Ultra 265 technology, a deep video compression technology, is able to save 75% of the total cost. High resolution is also an important and widely-recognized requirement in the video surveillance industry. Hence, Uniview displayed the 4K product family. Furthermore, the StarView series was presented on site with a dark room. It can achieve crystal-clear colorful video with up to minimum 0.0005lux illumination.

#Security 2019(March 5-8)

To create high-quality products that meet the requirements in Japanese market, Uniview scrutinizes every component and verifies the quality through rigorous tests. These preferred components include thickened PCB boards in cameras, smooth and quiet stepper motors in PTZ dome cameras, car-grade LEDs for IR cameras, magnetic suspension fans in NVR, etc. Uniview was able to show customers its strength in software through their Ultra 265 deep compression technology, StarView and 4K technologies.

Uniview also launched new products such as Mini PTZ 5MP Starlight products and 44X PTZ. Mini PTZ caters to the needs of small shapes in the Japanese market and 44X PTZ shows their high product development ability.