Uniview Announced to Cooperate with JVSG on the Design of Video Surveillance System

As a global leading video surveillance manufacturer, Uniview dedicates to provide better products and better services for global distributors, system integrators and installers. JVSG, a developer of video surveillance tools and software, is professional on helping the project manager to quickly and effectively design the video surveillance system. The services JVSG provided greatly matches with Uniview’s market strategy which is taking products as core and solutions as key.

“We believe that cooperating with JVSG would help Uniview’s partner to be easier and faster while making plan and designing the system.” Said Hengle Yu, the director of Uniview’s overseas product line.“The IP Video System Design Tool of JVSG combines the 2D/3D model with live map to simulate the video scenes, helps to confirm the best location to install cameras and deploy the video surveillance devices in suitable place.”

Mr. Max Shumeyko, founder of JVSG, said: “We are very excited to announce our new partnership. The strategic cooperation with Uniview is consistent with our mission to support security camera installers and designers and to continuously improve CCTV design software to make video surveillance systems more efficient across the globe”.

The following list of cameras has been integrated into IP Video System Design Tool in March 2019. http://www.jvsg.com/integrated-uniview-cameras/
Now, you can get the Uniview’s exclusive JVSG IP Video System Design tool on Uniview’s website. It includes a complete camera list of Uniview. For more information about the tool, please visit http://en.uniview.com/Support/Tools/JVSG/