Uniview Provides Security for Toyota Iran Branches

IRToya is the exclusive distributor of Toyota in Iran, which was founded in 1973 and owns more than 70 branches in most of important cities in Iran, for example Tehran, Mashahd, Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Yazd, Tabriz, Babol, Bandar Abbas, Noor, Hamedan, etc.

IRToya chose Uniview to handle video surveillance in all branches. More than 30 cameras are installed in each branch, cover customer service area, entrances, offices and parking lot. With Uniview products, operators will be able to monitor all the spots inside and outside the store and guarantee the safety.

Right now, Uniview has provided video surveillance solutions for many branches and soon will cover all the branches of Toyota in Iran.

Demand and Solution

The main demand from IRToya is a solution to keep records with high quality 7/24 video for 2 months. In this case, Uniview provided IPC3232, IPC3612 and IPC2324 with smart functions, IK10, IP66, and Full-HD image quality. Also Uniview provided NVR304-32E in each branch with four 6TB HDDs.

Ultra 265 Deep Compression Technology

Higher definition brings the problems about larger storage cost. In order to solve this problem, Uniview developed self-innovated Ultra 265 technology which combined H.265 and U-Code encoding technology, helping to reduce up to 95% bandwidth, compared with a common encoding algorithm whilst no compromise on the details. Most of UNV cameras and NVRs support Ultra 265, which enables the Toyota stores to store over 30 channels videos for 2 months with only 4 pieces 6TB HDDs. If it is H.264 compression mode, it will need 14 pieces 6TB HDDs to store the video. Ultra 265 significantly saves the cost for customers.

Smart Functions to Simplify Store Management

UNV cameras support various smart functions including people counting, intrusion detection, crossing line detection, scene change detection, etc. By using people counting function, operators can easily analyze the people flow based on the statistics generated from UNV cameras, and reorganize sources to improve.