Success Cases
J&T Express, South East Asia

J&T Express is a technology-based express service company that applies highly advanced IT management systems to provide high efficiency, security and quality express services to customers. To become the best express delivery company for e-commerce in Southeast Asia, J&T Express has established 800 drop points, 10 gateways and 1 headquarters in Vietnam, 400 drop points, 15 gateways and 1 headquarter in Malaysia, 600 drop points, 11 gateways and 1 headquarters in Thailand and 2000 drop points in Indonesia.

Recently, Uniview delivered the complete video surveillance solution for J&T Express Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, including IP cameras, network video recorder, PoE switch, video management server, video output controller, LCD monitor and LCD splicing display unit. It’s a classic case showing of Uniview’s powerful big scale chain solution ability. This project covered all the drop points across the country, managed in both gateway and headquarter by EZCloud. B800-A and Unicorn are chosen as the central VMS servers in the headquarters for the entire project.

Drop Point

Drop point is J&T Express’s customer facing outlet. The solution included 5-8 kinds of cameras including IPC2222ER5-DUPF40-C, IPC312SR-VPF28-C, IPC322SR3-DVPF28-C and IPC2124SR3-DPF36, and 1 PoE NVR NVR301-08-P8 were deployed in each site.

1) Ultra 265

Saving storage space is saving cost. With the unique Ultra 265 deep compression technology, the storage cost can be significantly reduced by up to 75%.

2)Super Starlight

UNV super starlight camera can provide colorful image even at 0.0005Lux illumination condition. Compared with IR technology, super starlight technology is able to get more information at night.

3)Smart Functions

UNV cameras provide smart functions such as intrusion detection, crossing line detection, people counting analysis and object left behind detection. All these smart functions make the video surveillance system more intelligent with low cost.

4) WDR

In the drop point, lots of scenarios are monitored from inside to outside, in which the normal camera can’t see clearly. UNV camera has WDR function which solves this problem perfectly by balancing the high light contrast.

5)Two-Way Audio

At the cashier desk, UNV camera with built-in mic & speaker provides two-way audio function with headquarters. Also, the audio is recorded in NVR.

6)Plug & Play

In order to solve the configuration difficulties in IP products, Uniview enables IP camera and NVR with Plug & Play function. The only thing you need to do is to plug in the UTP cable, then everything including camera searching, network configuration, recording plan making will be done in one second.


Gateway is the regional management center of drop points. Uniview delivered 1 high-end NVR for each site, like NVR308-64E-B or NVR516-128, to provide high recording performance. The cameras provide a 360°  monitoring for operation area, cargo area, parking area etc., make sure gateway, cargo, employees,and cars all safe.

1) Dual Monitor Display

NVR308-64E-B has two HDMI output ports, support to connect to two monitors. These two HDMI ports can output different video source. For example, it can have monitor A to show channel 1~32, monitor B to show channel 33~64. Or it can have monitor A to show live view, monitor B to do playback.

2) Corridor Mode

In the building of sub-center, there are a lot of corridors scenarios to monitor. UNV cameras support corridor mode which significantly increases effective monitoring area of each camera. In this project, corridor mode could help clients to reduce 1/3 quantity of cameras.

3) Anti-Hacker Technologies

Hacking has become the biggest threat to surveillance systems. Uniview regards security as one of the most important things during product development. UNV devices all featured with 802.1x, HTTPS, RTSP Authentication, ONVIF Authentication, Default Telnet Disabled, and Strong Password Policy. All these methods make sure the whole system to be high security.



Headquarter is the center of the whole project, B800-A and Unicorn are central management servers, through powerful video output controller ADU8612-E, all camera videos are sequence displayed on 3*4pcs 49 inch 3.5mm splice LCD video wall.

1) Central management

B800-A and Unicorn servers can manage all the cameras, NVRs, Encoders, Decoders, Alarm devices. With the help of cloud service, users can access the management center at any time, anywhere. Unicorn can do video recording backup automatically according to plan. Unicorn is embedded with 16 SATA slots and two high-speed mini-SAS ports which can support 2 disk enclosures. Therefore, each Unicorn supports 48 HDDs at most.

2) Easy Capacity Expansion

Unicorn can manage up to 1000 devices, 2000 channels. In order to cover every important site, the J&T Express Vietnam project has almost 3500 channels. To fulfill this requirement of management, more servers are needed in the control center. Unicorn has Master and Slave Architecture, with up to 8 slave servers, it can quickly expand both the bandwidth and storage capacity of the system.

3) Easy Capacity Expansion

B800-A can manage up to 2000 devices, 10000 channels and Unicorn can manage up to 1000 devices, 2000 channels. With drop points & gateways expand, 2-level hierarchical network structure and Master & Slave architecture can expand channels, bandwidth, storage as well.

4) Multiple Redundancy Protection

Stability is highly important for video surveillance systems. Unicorn featured with various specifications to guarantee the stability, including Redundant BIOS, Redundant Power Supply, Redundant Network Ports, Redundant Fans, RAID, Hot Standby, ANR, Hard Disk Roaming, etc. All these methods make the J&T Express video surveillance system became much more stable than ever before.

5) Video Wall

In J&T Express headquarters, a video wall consisting of 12pcs 49 inch 3.5mm splice LCD monitors help users monitoring all drop points and gateways 24/7 mode clearly. Any alarm triggered or accident happened, users can adjust this area to high attention level. Our powerful video controller also supports splicing, merge, roam, opening window functions to display with users’ expect view.

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