Success Cases
All McDonald's Restaurants install Uniview Cameras, Bahrain

With the rapid advancement of surveillance technologies, IP cameras are gradually replacing analog cameras. The pre-installed analog camera can no longer meet the increasing user demand and high security needs. Bahrain has 27 McDonald's restaurants in total and they are very popular in the local market. At present, in order to better protect the safety of customers, all 27 stores replaced outdated technologies with Uniview cameras and solution.

Uniview is the world’s leading manufacturer of IP video surveillance, with more than 13 years’ experience and providing customized solutions for every vertical industry. As one of the popular foods in Bahrain market, Mcdonald's strives to provide customers with convenient service and a comfortable environment. In order to have a safer environment, all McDonald’s restaurants replaced the previous video surveillance system and installed Uniview IP cameras and NVRs.

- Perfect WDR performance– All the cameras support 120db WDR. Especially, in the entrance areas, UNV camera can provide uniform light image in varying difficult conditions, which satisfied end-users security needs.
- High reliability –All the NVR have chosen the redundant power supply. And N+1 hot spare mode has been enabled to make sure the system runs in the most stable condition.
- Ease of use –The basic operations of UNV PTZ are quite user-friendly. End-users can easily control the PTZ with UNV keyboard.
Besides chain restaurants, Uniview is covering more industries including world-class hotels, shopping malls, city surveillance, banks, hospitals, educations, factories etc. Uniview is dedicated to providing high quality products for global customers.