Success Cases
Royal Palace Casino, Kenya

Today, an increasing number of entertainment venues recognize the value of video surveillance systems in providing a safe and secure environment for their customers. In Nairobi, Kenya, the Royal Palace Casino understood their need for increased security and awareness and chose Univew to meet their complex surveillance needs. Uniview delivered a complete video surveillance solution and products for the popular destination.

The Royal Palace Casino is one of the biggest luxury casinos in Kenya. Some of the main challenges of the venue are that the venue is highly trafficked, has many areas where views are obstructed, and low light conditions. To ensure the 24/7 surveillance under the low light and complicated lighting conditions, Uniview provided more than 70 channels of high-end network cameras and NVRs to meet the needs. These cameras were installed at critical areas including the reception area, lobby, control room, VIP lounge, and more to accomplish all-round monitoring.


1. Starlight – Addressing low light
The indoor PTZ dome camera and vandal-proof motorized dome camera was used to provide clear and colorful images in the complex and low light environment, even the illumination is 0.0005 lux. It is very suitable for the casino environment.

2. Ultra zoom – Addressing details
5MP super starlight bullet can realize 5X optical zoom, which can monitor more details than the common 4X optical zoom.

3. De-warp
180°monitoring and customized de-warp: 4MP fisheye provided ceiling/wall/desktop mode to de-warp images, which can realize all directions surveillance.

4. Voice tracking
4MP fisheye with built-in 3-mics, combining with NVR/EZStation to realize voice tracking, it helps provide greater awareness to the casino security managers.

5. People counting
A vandal-proof dome was installed at the reception area which can count the people flow effectively. The casino manager can export a daily/weekly/monthly statistical data report for business analysis.