Success Cases
OPPO Stores and Control Center, Indonesia

OPPO is a famous mobile phone brand which is popular in Indonesia. There are over 100 OPPO stores nationwide. Uniview provided a complete video surveillance solution for all OPPO stores in Indonesia.

Over 100 OPPO stores deployed UNV network cameras and NVRs. Network cameras were installed throughout the OPPO store, covering the entrances and exits, indoor areas and counters. 4/8/16 channels NVRs meet different space store monitoring requirements. UNV four channels POE KIT can be solution for every store, white color NVR is very beautiful and install equipped with four POE network cameras is very suitable for store solutions. Whenever abnormalities occur in the store, the system enables operating managers quickly react and guarantee a safe environment for their customers.

In addition, UNV network cameras and NVRs were added to UNV EZcloud, hence managers could use EZView to check the playback and live view on mobile phone. Moreover, UNV all-in-one VMS server - Unicorn was applied in the control center to manage the equipment of all the OPPO stores and equipped with our 43 inch video surveillance monitor can achieve 24/7 monitoring, UNV 43 inch monitor outstanding image-deal technology can provide the user clear and detail image, even the stores are installed in all Indonesia but the headquarter can monitor all the stores.

UNV VMS, NVR record for every store throughout Indonesia, with the monitor center in the capital of Indonesia Jakarta. Equipped with our EZCloud and mobile software, the manager can check the store status anywhere and anytime. Unicorn installed in Jakarta center with four 43 inch monitor displays in our video wall feature and by adopting sequence display can achieve real-time monitoring of thousands of channels with only four monitors. The OPPO team set different roles in unicorn with different rights so the different occupations will get different rights for monitoring. By setting alarm subscription, users will not lose any important alarm information even if the total number of channels are over thousands. There are alarm linkages to the Client side and mobile side for real-time alerts.

As the world’s leading video surveillance solution provider, Uniview is covering more and more industries including world-class hotels, shopping malls, cities, banks, hospitals, educational facilities, factories, and more. Uniview is dedicated to providing high quality products, cutting edge technologies and professional services for global customers.