* Anti-corrosive and ultraviolet-proof material to enhance outdoor durability

    * Combined with adjustable sun shade from direct solar radiation

    * Build-in temperature controlling

    * Integrated infrared lights and support group controls, cooperate with the gun type network camera to monitor the day and night

    * Built-in temperature control module, it can automatically control heater and fan's working condition according to ambient temperature

    * Heater on with simultaneous fan against foggy glass cover

    * Easy and flexible installation with side open structure

    * IP66-rated

    ApplicationOutdoor (including sun shade,Heater,Fan)
    Ingress ProtectionIP66
    Power supplyAC24V
    PowerHeater:40W,Fan:4.3W,IR LED:18W
    Operating Condition–40℃~+60℃(-40°F ~ 140°F) Humidity ≤ 100% RH(non-condensing)
    Working conditions of temperature control moduleThe heating on:≥5±5℃,The fan opens when the heat is turned on
    Open the fan:≤40±5℃
    Dimensions (L × W × H)Outside:462mm×161mm×112mm(18.2” x 6.3”x 4.4”)
    Inside: 3000×105×78.5mm (11.0”×3.9”×3.1”)
    MaterialShell: aluminum alloy
    Sun shade:plastic
    Front and rear lids: plastic