Uniview Held Global Partner Summit

October 30, 2019, Shenzhen, China - “Empower the future”, with this theme, the Uniview Global Partner Summit 2019 was welcoming its international partners to Shenzhen, China, on October 30, 2019. More than 400 partners from all over the world gathered with extreme enthusiasm to celebrate their recent growth, and share future collaborative innovations with presentations from Uniview’s Vice President and leading executives. Another highlight of the event was the presentation of the Partner Awards, which recognizes partners for their outstanding contribution in sales, innovation, and marketing to the joint success.

“Over the past years, Uniview has held 6,000 seminars, 130 security shows, and completed 3,000 brand stores and over 1,100 high-end successful cases. We could not accomplish this without all the support from our partners.” Ximen Yan, President of the international department said, “As partners in business, we would approach with the same level of values, entrepreneurial spirit, and vision and we should always think beyond the limits, build with the basics, and start from the hardest. Change ourselves, keep pushing together to adapt and survive in the ever-changing business world.” From the technical perspective, Ximen said that smart technology should achieve further development and breakthroughs, and there are still many difficulties such as the low data volume, unsupervised self-learning technology and building an algorithmic ecosystem in the industry. It's going to be a long process and we have to be patient.

Vincent, deputy director of product line introduced Uniview AIoT solution to overseas partners and also introduced the breakthroughs in Uniview's products and technologies from AIoT and solutions levels. The technical part highlights the latest low-light technology - LightHunter, which further strengthens the camera's low-light capability and enhances the camera's acquisition capability. At the same time, Uniview releases overseas intelligent series, such as AlphaView and AlphaEdge series, which bring advantages to the overseas market. Moreover, Uniview project products were announced at the global partner summit. This includes explosion-proof PTZ cameras, thermal cameras, and positioners, to enhance the richness of the front-end products to adapt more projects.

This event delivered the latest guidance from Uniview and industry experts to help its partners improve their marketing and sales strategies to drive results, develop technical competence in a variety of areas, and benefit from other partners’ proven best practices. As partners, Uniview is ready to provide more sources of inspiration and pathways to action than before.

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