Uniview Supports Rosemead, California to Fight Against COVID-19

As of 1 March 2021, more than 114 million Covid-19 cases have been confirmed, with more than 2.53 million deaths, making it one of the deadliest pandemics in history.

On January 1, 2021, the U.S. is inching toward 20 million confirmed cases, representing an increase of more than one million over the past week and 10 million in less than two months. On January 6, the CDC announced that it had found at least 52 confirmed cases of the B.1.1.7 variant in California, Florida, Colorado, Georgia, and New York. It also stressed that there may have been more cases in the country.

With advances in technologies such as UNV Thermal Camera Systems, every establishment should be able to benefit from the peace of mind that these cameras bring, especially when opening them up to the public during such a pandemic.

With a strong sense of social responsibility and a good vision for “Better Security & Better World”, Uniview, in partnership with ENS Security, donated a temperature screening system (model TIC600) to the city of Rosemead in February of 2021, after donating many temperature screening products to several countries and regions.  


ENS engineers helped install the Thermal Camera Systems and trained the staff of Rosemead City to ensure that the system worked properly.

With the use of this thermal system, the City Hall will be able to open to the public in the coming months.

UNV Thermal Camera Systems Introduction
Great Features, take TIC600 as an example:
* Longer distance, large scenes can be screened accurately and quickly
* The system contains black-body, temperature screening accuracy is ≤0.3℃
* Display both visible and infrared thermal imaging temperatures
* Real-time thermal imaging, multi-target automatic temperature screening
* Support automatic capture when alarm is triggered to provide evidence right after an event has occurred
* Support automatic calibration of body and surface temperature to make temperature screening more accurate
* Support historical alarm record query
* The whole system is provided with tripods, software, etc.


About Uniview

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