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The 2022 Winter Olympics Where Broadcasting Goes Digital

What was the first project related to the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 that Uniview received? Can you tell us more about Uniview's work on this project?

The first project Uniview took related to the Beijing Winter Olympics is the audio and video integrated project for the venues in the Zhangjiakou Olympics village. The outdoor LED screens from the three venues has to operate stably and consistently under the extreme cold weather (-50 degrees). At the same time, in order to perform a smooth broadcast, customize the high refresh IC chip and ultra-low temperature dual power supply is a necessity. Although the expected product delivery was right around the corner, Uniview managed to pull it off one week ahead of schedule. The Uniview LED screen officially debuted in the test events.

What product did Uniview deploy to the ice and snow sports venues? How is it going to deal with the humid environment and cold weather?

At this Winter Olympics, Uniview delivered the outdoor star product MW75XX series 5mm to cover two screens for biathlon (Biathlon Center), two screens for ski jumping (National Ski Jumping Centre), and one screen for Cross-country skiing arena (Kuyangshu Nordic Center), a total of five outdoor LED screens, 600 square meters. MW75XX series 5mm adopts high-quality lamp beads and high-refresh IC, dual backup of signal interface, dual backup of power supply interface to make the screens high-quality wide-voltage voltage stabilizer suitable, ultra-low temperature environment adaptable. High-efficiency moisture-proof power supply with PFC, anti-UV and flame retardant high-strength masks, IP65-level signals, power aviation plugs and other configurations are equipped to improve user experiences. In terms of water resistance, through module waterproofing, cabinet waterproofing, and key components waterproofing processes, the products are designed to work under heavy snow or humid environments. Lastly, low-temperature power supply as well as self-generative heating devices are embedded for cold resistance.

Uniview helped renovating and upgrading the video equipment and cables from the Capital Gymnasium, and built a network-based, integrated and intelligent overall centralized management system. Tell us more about this system?

The Capital Gymnasium is a key supporting project in Beijing Zone from the 2022 Winter Olympics, covering a total of ​​54,600 square meters. It will undertake two games, short track speed skating and figure skating.

Uniview took part in the intelligent security monitoring system of the Capital Gymnasium project. The overall renovation provided nearly 1,000 channels of high-definition video surveillance, intelligent integrated storage, and other production-wide network solutions. The real-time data from the entire venue can be directly forwarded to the Olympic Organizing Committee platform, providing strong support for Olympic security.

In the event of the Beijing Winter Olympics, how did Uniview stand out at the end?

Taking these outdoor LED display projects as an example, there was fierce competition. However, Uniview eventually passed the product test. The stability, reliability and safety of the products finally stood out in the review and won the recognition of the expert judges.

Uniview's core competencies are mainly reflected on its comprehensive hardware R&D capabilities and solid system-based software capabilities. In the display section, small-pitch LED products was launched in 2016. Through in house comprehensive researches and complete production lines, Uniview has completed the iteration of two series and three generations of electromechanical platforms, mastered the core display technology, and built vivid imaging as the core advantages.

Uniview’s hardware, software, algorithms, optics, reliability, are in the leading position in the industry nowadays.

Control system product line was established in 2006. At that time, the era of analog signals had come, Uniview has been committed to researching the encoding and decoding transmission technology of digital signals. 2007, Uniview launched the first domestic encoding and decoding product, which has been used in transportation and other fields. 2022, product lines now includes multi-channel codecs, video control products, video integrated platform products, distributed control and seat management systems, display control visualization platforms, data visualization products, etc. 16 years of independent researching, developing and perfecting the control system products have made our display and control products more compatible and better tailored to customers' operating habits and business habits. This is also what distinguishes Uniview from traditional display industry manufacturers, which reveals the main contributor to why Uniview is able to contribute in the constructing of Winter Olympics.

Any other Winter Olympics related project to elaborate?

There is the Chongli Prince City Ice and Snow Town project. The Ice and Snow Town is a key supporting project in the Zhangjiakou competition area of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. It is adjacent to the Prince City High-speed Railway Station and covers a total area of 2.89 square kilometers. It undertakes the supporting functions of the core area during the competition, provide Winter Olympics awards, VIP guests Reception, transportation transfer, leisure and entertainment and other services.

Uniview provided nearly 1,500 channels of high-definition video surveillance, intelligent integrated storage, hyper-converged analysis platform and LED large-screen display and control and other network-wide solutions. Face recognition cameras were placed at key entrances and exits of the block. The background fusion of big data realized dynamic face capture, trajectory tracking and fast face positioning in the block. The real-time data can be directly forwarded to the Zhangjiakou security platform to support Olympic security.

During the Beijing Winter/Paralympic Games, the Winter Olympics Awards Plaza in the Ice and Snow Town held award ceremonies for a total of 93 projects. Uniview Super 100 Road high-definition smart cameras + AR real-time monitoring platform carried out seamless video surveillance coverage to capture the ceremonies and didn’t miss a moment of glory. The type of moments that spikes our heartbeats, bring tears to our eyes and maybe make our lip quiver while we try to hold our breath for the athletes. We are proud to have been given the chance to witness the charitable memories of athletes and intend to preserve it throughout the course of history, today and always, Uniview at Winter Olympics.

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