Why outdoor parking lots must need UNV 4 inch dual-lens PTZ camera?

Severe problems in outdoor parking lots

The outdoors parking lots generally covers a large area, thus, has multiple entries and exits. Sometimes, one outdoor parking lot can park up to hundreds of cars at once. On a regular day, the lighting in an outdoor parking lot changes greatly day and night. With these mentioned problems, some challenges occurs in the outdoors parking lots surveillance.

Theft tends to loitering in the outdoors parking lots a lot looking for cars whose windows and doors are unlocked by accident. They may even take violent actions to damage the car for the property in the car, for example, breaking the car windows or forcibly open the car doors.

Another surprisingly common problem in outdoors parking lots is that, traffic accidents happen frequently. For example, a car collision occurs due to occupying the same parking space, or a vehicle or a person accidentally run into the blind spot of the car. In this case, some drivers flee the scene in order to avoid responsibility.

In the outdoors parking lots, the presence of the traditional IP camera and PTZ cameras is common. They have made contributions in monitoring the safety in the outdoors parking lots. However, there are also certain disadvantages, traditional IP camera cannot track the details while monitoring the panorama, and traditional PTZ camera ignores the panoramic information while track the details.

UNV new dual-lens PTZ camera

Uniview has launched its new 4 inch dual-lens PTZ camera. The new 4 inch dual-lens PTZ camera combines IP camera and PTZ into one unit, thus, can monitor the expansive panorama and distinct details and ensure either of them don't lose any crucial information.

This new product can solve the above challenges from outdoors parking lots. The dual-lens design, can synchronously monitor the outdoors parking lots and track targets quickly when there is an abnormal situation. If another abnormal situation occurs in this panorama, it can also be tracked in a timely manner.

If you want to know more about this new product, you can read this article: Uniview Launches New 4 inch Dual-Lens PTZ Camera.

5 features to help solve scenario problems
1. Dual-lens in one unit design

With the advantage of its excellent resolution and zoom, the fixed lens panoramic monitoring is not affected while the detail lens zooms to track the target, and clear images can be monitored.

While monitoring outdoor parking lots, if a target is spotted in the picture, the detail lens will automatically track and zoom in to see the details. At the same time, the fixed lens is able to monitor the rest area, in order to maintain thorough information.

All-in-one design

2. High quality image performance

The outdoor parking lots may have low visibility at night due to insufficient lighting, which makes it difficult to monitor the target.

Benefiting from  the ColorHunter and LightHunter technologies, the camera can capture clear images in low-light environment. Moreover, with the help of warm light of ColorHunter technology, the camera can provide colorful and clear images at night.


ColorHunter                            LightHunter

3. Effectively decrease labor cost

With the same size as a football, it doesn't need a lot of labor for installation, lens adjustment, debugging and so on.

Especially in the outdoor parking lots, when a large number of cameras need to be installed, the installation of this new product can effectively reduce the labor cost.



4. Smart intrusion prevention

The Smart intrusion prevention function can effectively filter inattentive information, focusing only on people, non-motor vehicle and vehicle. Only when these targets violate the rules will the alarm be triggered.

In the complex environment of outdoors parking lots, with the help of the smart intrusion prevention, the false alarm rate will be reduced and the efficiency of management will be improved.


Only focus on people, non-motor vehicle and vehicle


5. Noticeable light and sound alarm

The warm light is linked to smart intrusion prevention. In the outdoor parking lots, if suspicious activities are detected, such as destroying vehicles or stealing property in the cars, the noticeable light and sound alarm will be triggered to expel the suspicious target, which can effectively protect the safety of the outdoor parking lots.


Expel intruder process

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