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UNV Thermographic Fever Screening Camera for Elementary School in Croatia


Jabukovac-Zagreb Elementary School is located in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and opened after the end of the Second World War. After a long period of development, it has become a complete eight-year school, so far, there are more than 600 students. With the spread of Covid-19 globally, school managers around the world attach great importance to the prevention of Covid-19. For this reason, Uniview distributor Kolona strongly recommends UNV temperature screening products for schools to prevent the pandemic.

Solution and Products

Children and education are the future of a country, UNV and Kolnoa make it a priority to ensure and safeguard the health of every Croatian student during this epidemic period. As a result, Uniview provided Jabukovac-Zagreb Elementary School with a thermographic fever screening solution, TIC2531, which is installed at the entrance to the school hall and measures the temperature of each child before entering the school, with a low temperature detection error of ±0.3 degrees C, enabling efficient and precise temperature screening. Moreover, non-contact detection allows up to 20 students to be detected simultaneously, effectively speeding up the process and reducing the risk of infection.

Besides, Uniview fast & efficient thermal imaging screening solution not only detects body temperature, but also associates the corresponding temperature with a specific person through face recognition technology. The report is then exported for further detailed management, which is ideal for primary school use to prevent Covid-19 from spreading on campus.

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