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UNV Face Recognition Access Control Terminal Secures Shopping Mall in Colombia


Terrano shopping mall is the second largest national shopping mall in Colombia. It meets the needs of many residents, and even during the Covid-19 period, Terrano shopping mall continued to operate and provide essentials. During this difficult period, the Terrano assumed social responsibility and ensured that Colombian citizens worked and lived well through 11 UNV face recognition terminals, OET213H, which were installed at the entrance and exit of the shopping mall, controlling and measuring the temperature of people entering the shopping mall.

Solution and Products

The temperature measurement accuracy of the UNV Face Recognition Access Control Terminal OET213H can be as high as ±0.3℃. Compared with the traditional thermal screening system, the UNV face terminal adopts thermopile technology, which has TOF detection feedback mechanism to ensure the accuracy is more reliable.

Besides, most people now need to wear masks in public places. UNV face terminal can recognize faces with different facial features, and the recognition accuracy can be as high as 97% even when wearing masks.

In addition, in the staff area of the shopping center, the face recognition terminal can not only measure the temperature, but also automatically record the attendance of employees through their faces. The control center adopts UNV free platform -- EZStation to record and monitor all visits.


As the Colombian government raised control requirements during Covid-19, more attention was paid to health and body temperature screening. UNV continues to innovate and offers more temperature screening solutions such as traditional thermal solutions, temperature screening poles, gates, and UV sterilization boxes, etc.

We have 100% confidence that Colombia will eventually overcome Covid-19 and move forward in a way that is growing at a high rate.

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