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Ensure the safety of Farrowdale House School in UK

Based on one of the COVID-19 hotspots, Oldham, Farrowdale’s headteacher, Zoe Campbell, has been looking for an innovative and effective solution to keep her students in school while ensuring their health and safety are not compromised.

With elevated body temperature being considered as one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 according to the NHS, Farrowdale School believes temperature monitoring would bring benefits. They reached out to Videcon, Uniview’s distributor of the Heat-Tracker series products, to describe the market-leading accuracy of the Heat Tracker product, the user-friendly system, and the company’s extensive track-record of providing safety solutions to British businesses.

Farrowdale House School has been an independent preparatory school since 1983. Farrowdale is using Heat-Tracker Products to protect their pupils and reduce the risk of possible transmission of COVID-19. How do the UNV Heat-Tracker products work in Farrowdale School?

OET-213H, the face recognition access control terminal with a digital detection module, is very easy to use. Greet pupils at the front door and ask them to look at themselves on the screen, where the thermal camera can detect their temperature, before entering the room with other children.

Moreover, the contactless test can detect up to 20 students simultaneously, effectively speeding up the process and reducing the risk of infection.

Zoe Campbell, headteacher at Farrowdale House School commented, “We've seen things like airports and public places using temperature detection technology and we think it will be of great benefit not only to protect our pupils but also to teachers and parents.

We immediately realized that face recognition access control terminals could be used in our schools, and the contactless temperature detection feature reassured everyone to allow schools to continue working as normally as possible.

I was impressed by Videcon's quick installation of the system and their attention to detail. I strongly recommend that any educational professionals who are prepared to make further efforts to keep students in school and prevent the spread of coronavirus in their premises use this machine."