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Uniview Provide You a safe shopping Experience in Carrefour, France

In daily supermarket management, it is essential to prevent theft and vandalism. When there are too many customers, real-time monitoring is in need to prevent incidents. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the warehouse and management of the staff. A complete set of monitoring systems would be an excellent choice to solve the safety management issues coming from supermarket operations and control.

Carrefour S.A. is a French multinational corporation specialized in retail. In France, Carrefour operates under its name over 230 hypermarkets, 1020 supermarkets, and over 2000 grocery stores and convenience stores. Uniview delivered a complete surveillance solution to Carrefour.

Why did the supermarket choose UNV surveillance solution?

By installing a camera at the cash register, managers can have a real-time view about the communications between employees and customers to see if employees are being polite. In this way, disputes with customers can be handled appropriately, the service of the supermarket can be improved, and satisfaction from customers can be guaranteed.

Additionally, the system can provide detailed information and analysis of market trends for marketers. By systematically analyzing the video data, we can know which season, which festival, and even which particular time of the day, customer flow peaks; and what items and selling points were most attractive to customers.

By installing UNV low-light cameras and UNV infrared cameras, security guards can monitor the situation at night and effectively protect supermarket properties. When an incident occurs within the monitoring range, the system will automatically alarm.

The UNV supermarket monitoring program is not only to ensure the safety of customers, but also to  provide product analysis and improve overall quality of supermarket services.

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