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Uniview Provides Safer Solution for Living in Brazil


O Residencial Itahyê is a high-standard residential area in Alphaville and Tambore region, SP, Brazil. With about 300 thousand square meters, 250 families are living here. In addition to apartments, well-equipped clubs and shopping centers, one of the most renowned educational institutions in the state will be built. O Residencial Itahyê is not only a place to live but also a place for sports, eating, education and leisure, providing residents with a dream life.


Apart from the advanced infrastructure and comfortable environment, what makes the residents feel happy and safe also lies in the safety services in the community.
Due to the size of O Residencial Itahyê, the residential boundaries are long and the number of people entering and leaving the community daily is large and complex. To ensure greater privacy, tranquility and security for residents and visitors, O Residencial Itahyê is equipped with Uniview's advanced electronic security equipment.


More than 200 pieces of 2MP Mini Fixed Bullet Network Cameras (IPC2122LR3-PF40-C) are installed on the fences to monitor the perimeter of each corner. The day/night switch ensures that the camera operates 7 * 24 hours, making the area safer. In addition to meeting basic surveillance needs, about 20 pieces of 2MP PTZ Dome Cameras (IPC6222ER-X30P-B) equipped with 30x optical zoom lens and a field of view of 360℃ are installed, allowing every detail to be detected even at a distance of 2 km. It has a long infrared range (up to 150 meters) and starlight function to ensure clear images even on dark nights. What’s more, IPC6222ER-X30P-B can prevent invasive stranger intrusion based on smart functions such as line crossing detection, intrusion detection, auto-tracking, body detection, audio detection, and motion detection. When an illegal intruder tries to climb a fence or wall or enter the perimeter of a residential area, the cross line and intrusion detection alert will be activated so that security personnel in the surveillance area can be notified and prompt action can be taken.


After experiencing the security facilities and services, the Lima Carvalho family said, "We live in Itahyê, the best time of our lives, and our choices are very successful!"
Currently, O Residencial Itahyê is expanding and Uniview's products will continue to be used in new areas. Uniview continues to bring cutting-edge technology into the industry and provide better services to visitors and residents.

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