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Uniview Products Guards the Ministry of Transportation, Indonesia


The Ministry of Transportation, formerly Department of Transportation or Department of Transportation, is a government ministry responsible for the governance and regulation of transport in Indonesia. The primary task of the Ministry of Transport is to implement transport services in Indonesia to develop, establish and implement transport policies and to provide technical support and oversight at the regional level.


As a national administrative agency, the administrator always puts security first. The hall and meeting rooms need 24/7 monitoring to ensure safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, management is becoming increasingly complex, and how to ensure the health and smooth operation is the biggest problem.


In the CCTV section, UNV offers high-quality IPC and NVR. IK10 makes the device resistant to damage, while IP 67 makes the device dust-proof and water-resistant. The LCD video wall and decoders in the surveillance center can achieve 24/7 monitoring and management. UNV has proposed such a precise solution to protect the safety of the Ministry of Transportation.

At each entrance, UNV Heat-tracker series-face recognition temperature terminals were installed to detect the temperature of those who come in and send alerts of abnormal temperature. With software monitoring, the manager can monitor real-time viewings and capture pictures when people pass through the terminal. High accuracy and fast passing make the results more reliable, not only save time but also maintain good order.

About Uniview:

As the world’s leading video surveillance solution provider, Uniview covers a growing number of industries, including government, world-class hotels, shopping centers, city surveillance, banking, hospitals, education, factories, and more. Uniview will spare no effort to deliver high-quality products, cutting-edge technology and professional services to customers around the world.

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