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UNV Temperature Screening Solution Helps Ágora Bogotá in the Fight against Covid-19


The only convention center in Latin America, the Ágora Bogotá, has an exhibition center that complements its offers and meets global trends in the integration of fairs, congresses, and conventions. With its flexibility and simultaneity, Ágora Bogotá is able to host an unlimited number of events, exhibitions, and conference formats.

Similarly, it is the only conference center with a free trade area system, which represents a competitive advantage in the provision of all services. Ágora Bogotá has a significant impact on the transformation of the environment, business promotion, competitiveness and generation of employment for the City-Region.


Epidemic prevention in this area is particularly important during the Covid-19 period due to the important position of the Ágora Bogotá. End users request access control, temperature measurement, and mask detection. At the same time, the device's appearance matches that of a high-end conference center.

UNV face terminal adopts TOF technology to determine wrist distance to ensure more accurate detection temperature. According to UNV's official test data, the temperature screening accuracy of the facial terminal can reach ±0.3℃ can also be used for mask testing, and if someone doesn't have a mask, the device alerts him or her to wear a mask, which allows everyone to wear a mask to keep others safe.

Uniview eventually acquired the project through several rounds of access and project demonstrations. Customers highly value us and the UNV face recognition terminal of the EZstation platform. High quality and unique industrial design are also highly rated.


- Precise measurement with an error < 0.3℃
- Mask detection
- Easy to deploy

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