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Philippines PTO Protection System Video Surveillance Project


To ensure the safety of the data centers and thousands of green field base stations, video surveillance should be used primarily. It is planned to implement closed-loop security management by means of pre-deterrence and early warning, in-process deterrence and evidence preservation, and post-event reporting and tracking, which can result in significant human cost savings. Design principles need to be followed by up-to-date, integrated, safe, reliable, extensible, practical, cost-efficient, easy-to-maintain, and standardized video.

Key features:

1. Large scale: Uniview's strong technical strength fundamentally determines that the visual alarm management platform can provide super large-scale business capabilities and comprehensive management competencies. More than 10K pieces of cameras are used to monitor thousands of base stations across the Philippines.

2. Rich business functions: Uniview supports fast access to a variety of security subsystems and provides a wealth of business functions to meet the actual needs of users, including video preview, playback, permission control, and various management functions (Monitoring management, alarm management, storage management, data management, O&M management, intelligent analysis management, network and device management, APP login management on both mobile phone and computer).

3. High accuracy: UNV 2MP alarm Bullet Network Cameras (IPC-B242-IR) has a built-in GPU chip and supports peripheral protection for high accuracy through deep learning.


The Philippines PTO network technical defense system consists of front-end security devices, transmission networks, storage devices, and monitoring platforms. The base station surveillance system is mainly composed of alarm cameras and switches. Cameras are mounted on the wall of the base station to monitor both the perimeter and inside areas, which could completely satisfy the requirements of coverage and accuracy. Because the camera has built-in sound and visual alerts and microphone capabilities, no additional configuration is required.

For the storage device, IPSAN centralized storage is recommended for this project, taking into account the limited rack space and the ease of use and security of the overall storage service.

In this project, a professional integrated monitoring platform was used. The hardware equipment is modularly designed, and each business module is implemented by boards loaded with software. It is easy to deploy and easy to operate, demonstrating the efficiency of monitoring and security management.

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