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UNV Fever Screening System Helps Thailand Primary Schools to Combat COVID-19

When it was scheduled to restart a semester under the persistent coronavirus situation like this, all schools and educational institutions must pay special attention to prevent COVID-19 from spreading with measures. The Ministry of Education and Public Health is looking for innovative and effective solutions to keep students in school, ensuring their health and safety.

Screening measures, the need for all schools to focus on

The best prevention and inhibition of COVID-19 is protection from the beginning. The screening measures are now considered a necessary standard procedure, and the Ministry of Public Health suggested that all schools must have checkpoints to screen students.

A superintendent of primary school who is in charge of the school security department explained that generally in large-scale projects such as this, it is often a case of upgrading an existing solution - not building one from scratch. "Typically, fever screening is usually done with a device like an infrared thermometer, which can measure human body temperature without physical contact. But this kind of measuring process has many limitations, it includes the time and personnel required for the screening measurement. This presented opportunities in the caliber of a solution we could offer. This solution was unique in the sense that school campus was a blank slate - the campus did not have any effective temperature screening access control solution when we began.''

Because schools have to screen quite a few students, Uniview's easy-to-use and powerful Heat-Tracker products and solutions were born to solve this problem. It has been used in 91 primary schools in Thailand. The technology and tools make the screening of students more convenient and faster.

Narong Qianglib, Director of Surao Sansab School, has allocated thermo-scanning cameras (Infrared Thermal Camera) from the Office of Education Bangkok, to install and use the body temperature measurement for non-contact screening. Faculty administrators, teachers, students and staff at Surao San Saeb School all feel grateful to the Uniview team, who has provided and installed devices for temperature screening against COVID-19.

Screening technology applies to all schools

TIC2221, a thermal imaging camera, support human body temperature measurement, which should be used with a blackbody. It supports facial detection and sends out audible and visual alerts when a mask is not worn or an abnormal temperature is detected. Moreover, the non-contact test can detect up to 20 students. Make screening easier and faster.

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