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UNV Guards Furniture Retail AllHome in the Philippines

AllHome is the first choice for modern Filipino families when building or renovating their beloved home. At AllHome, a wide variety of top-quality home decor products are integrated into one: from building supplies, hardware, appliances, indoor and outdoor furniture, home supplies, decoration to electronics! A one-stop shop for all household needs.

In 2013, AllHome opened its first store in Pampanga. As a subsidiary of Vista Land, the largest Home builder in the Philippines for nearly 40 years, AllHome has become a companion to home building and has steadily becoming a staple name in Filipino households.

In such a large passenger flow, how to carry out efficient temperature measurement for customers and employees has become an inevitable topic. Allhome needs facial recognition and temperature detection devices to help them implement daily employee recognition and temperature detection to prevent unnecessary infections.

To address these issues, AllHome chose to use OET-213H-BTS1. Its main feature is the ability to recognize faces, detect situations where you are not wearing a mask, and accurately measure the target temperature by wrist temperature. Its main advantage is that the device is not affected by ambient temperature, and its uniquely designed TOF (flight time) sensor helps to keep the device from high temperatures, which can be detected even at 40 degrees Celsius. A dedicated protection module helps prevent unexpected heat waves. In addition, target detection is primarily done by non-contact methods, which makes the detection process safer, and there is ample evidence that wrist temperature detection is more accurate. Fever detection and mask absence detection, temperature information is tied to facial images to detect 20-30 people per minute, accurate to 0.1 degrees C, with positive and negative errors in the range of 0.3 degrees C. With these excellent features, OET-213H-BTS1 can significantly improve pandemic prevention and control and reduce the risk of cross-infection in public areas.

Using face recognition and wrist temperature scanning features and solutions, six sets of OET-213H-BTS1 installed on AllHome Office help with contactless detection, and abnormal body temperature. The solution helps prevent covid-19 from spreading.

As a TOP4 global provider of video surveillance solutions, UNV has accumulated extensive project experience in the Philippines, such as the Philippines National Police, Megamall, universities, etc. Dedicated to product quality and aimed to build a better future, UNV gained a huge reputation and brand recognition among end-users and distributors in the Philippines. UNV continues to empower the future.

The following image shows the actual installation of these devices by AllHome.

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