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UNV Mobile Trailer Surveillance for Australian Tech Company

In a major planned rollout of 20+ trailers, the first 3 Uniview video surveillance trailers solution comprising cameras, fisheye, PTZ, NVR, monitors, desk controller and management software have been commissioned by local integrator Norson Technologies Pty. Ltd. in Australia. The project owner scoped requirements based on surveillance of wide area public space and sought a scalable video security monitor system with flexibility and the capability to easily expand to accommodate the ever changing urban and remote community environments.

When people think of integrated security solutions, CCTV trailer isn’t the first idea that springs to mind even when they need some “mobile monitoring solution”. The Uniview Oceania distributor CR Kennedy continues to innovate with Uniview and its partner Norson Technologies by releasing CCTV trailers project of crowd safety surveillance and monitoring for events, enable operational staff to quickly assess and respond to incidents at metro, regional and remote venues. The UNV state-of-the-art CCTV and recording provides both simple and complex operations, enabling venue organizers to meet their duty of care requirements and to be confident in the event safety operations.

With 35 years’ extensive experience in the telecommunications and security industries, especially in design, installation and commission of Fibre Optic, Structured Cabling, IBC/DAS and CCTV surveillance, Jayson Chandler, Director of Norson Technologies Pty Ltd, is a valued partner/integrator for CR Kennedy specializing in customized turnkey CCTV trailer solutions with a focus on quality outcomes.


C.R. Kennedy and integrator Norson Technologies provided a complete solution for this site, including UNV cameras, recorders and monitors.  The mounting of UNV cameras is flexible. Normal 5MP turret cameras provide clear image both in day and night. The cameras support starlight function, which can provide colour images in the low illumination environment.
Fisheye and PTZ cameras are mounted with brackets on the pole and provide panoramic monitoring for the whole area. As we all know, PTZ cameras can see further, and they also support auto-tracking function, which can follow the person who triggered the alarm. On this site, there is a 64-ch recorder with several 8-ch recorders, which can store videos and manage cameras. It is easy to check video playback when incident occurs.  UNV recorders support smart search function, which is helpful to find incident videos quickly. In addition, 22 inch monitors are used for 7*24 hours continuous real time surveillance. There is a desk controller with joystick, which can control PTZ cameras.

Not only will these Uniview based trailers be deployed at public events to ensure safety and prevent antisocial behaviour and crime, the functionality of them also extends to public safety and traffic management. Recently Australia has experienced many public gathering incidents that have has led to a demand for high-quality “mobile surveillance solution”. These CCTV trailers could cover large geographic areas, particularly for city monitoring, providing high-quality video evidence of criminal activity and assistance in convictions. Network platforms that facilitate the connection of IP enabled devices, they are designed to suit individual requirements of customers with many tailored options.

Video security monitoring needs to be flexible, scalable and future-proof, with easy-to-expand capability to adapt to the ever-changing city, suburban and remote community environments.


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