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Uniview Guards Every Logistics Warehouse of Toll Express Japan

Toll Express Japan is one of the top ten logistics companies in Japan with 82 years of history. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan Post and is headquartered in Osaka. With 88 offices nationwide, nearly 100 logistics bases, and more than 3,200 trucks, it is a logistics and transportation company rooted in Japan. As the largest logistics company in Japan, Toll Express Japan offers a variety of high-quality services, from domestic transportation to integrated logistics, from comprehensive logistics between Japan and Asia to supply chain management, involving a wide range of logistics businesses. Based on Japan's regional characteristics, Toll Express Japan focuses on the development of the global logistics industry while introducing the Uniview video surveillance system.

Toll Express Japan identified Uniview solutions as the best-suited solution for video surveillance needs in logistics warehouses, favoring the high quality and reliability of the Uniview system, in particular allowing large-scale monitoring of the entire area and detailed information using Starlight Omniview network cameras.

Besides, UNV cameras with different appearances have been installed in this project to meet the monitoring needs of different scenes. For example, IR Dome Camera(IPC3232ER3-DUVZ)and IR Bullet Camera(IPC2322EBR5-DPZ28-C)support abundant smart functions such as intrusion detection, people counting, face detection, audio detection, etc. When someone or a car enters a protected area, an alarm is activated and the guide can easily record the entry.

Solution Highlights:

• Broader Vision —— more comprehensive monitoring: use Omni Camera for panoramic monitoring of intersections, reducing dead zones.

• Larger Scale —— more device management: use Unicorn to manage 80 warehouses, over 2000 cameras in the surveillance center.

• More reliable, More Efficiency: local security recording with RAID NVR.

Currently, Uniview provides an entire security surveillance system for 80 logistics warehouse locations of Toll Express Japan. And the number is still increasing, says the head of Toll Express Japan, "Uniview products not only guard the logistics warehouse but also people's hearts."

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