Success Cases
UNV Heat-Tracker Series Secures Work Place of BHP Chile Inc


BHP is located in Av. Cerro El Plomo Nº 6000, alongside with Av. Manquehue Norte, commune of Las Condes, Chile. Total area of this building is 26,370 m2 with 18 floors, 7 underground levels and 847 parking units. UNV temperature measurement terminals are installed at the entrances and parking lots, which are integrated with the PACOM access control system.


With the traditional access control solution, it is required to measure the temperature and detect the use of a mask manually during the coronavirus period, which will waste extra labor and cost a lot of time and possibly increase the risk of cross infection. Additionally, Loss of access card, or multiple entrance via one access card, happens quite often with the traditional, producing the security risk.


OET-213H-BTS1-BD, with a non-contact wrist temperature detection module, measurement range from 30ºC to 45ºC, precision of 0.1 and the deviation is less than or equal to 0.3ºC, can avoid physical contact during the epidemic and reduce the possibility of cross infection.

At the same time, it includes an attendance system, which can manage employees more efficiently while measuring body temperature. Access data and attendance data can be classified and managed through EZStation or EZAccess management software, which is convenient for the administrator to manage.

With built-in dedicated deep learning chip, OET-213H-BTS1-BD supports facial recognition even with mask on. The capacity of which reaches 10,000 faces, white list helps to better manage information from many personals. These product features can effectively protect the information and safety of the employees in the building.