Success Cases
Uniview Provides Protection to EPD in UK

Within the UK, we are one of the largest suppliers of Branded IP CCTV Solutions, through distributors such as Digital Direct Security (DDS).  We supply large security systems to some of the UK’s largest businesses, including which is one of the fastest growing wholesale screeding, dry lining and plastering distributors in the country.

A large-scale organisation such as this requires a high-quality, effective security system, that allows all angle viewing for a large area. Due to this need, we provide over 60 different UNV cameras, consisting of a mixture of 8mp Motorised Bullets, Domes, 5mp Fisheyes and 12mp AutoTracking PTZ Cameras, all controlled from a 64 channel NVR.

This set up has changed the way the company was monitored and reinforced security throughout, as every square foot of the warehouse and yard can be viewed and monitored without having to enter the premises.

Other than security, this system has allowed EPD to monitor the frequent movement of inventory that is in and out of the premises every day, therefore increasing not only productivity but also prevent losses and errors in inventory.

Uniview, alongside with DDS, delivered this camera system. Each entrance to the building have been installed our latest Face Recognition Access Control Terminal. This product from the Heat-Tracker Series, enables employees and visitors to check their temperature before entering the building and therefore, creating a virus-controlled environment. This allows effective Covid control and enables the company to keep working effectively through the pandemic.