Success Cases
Safe City in Rwanda, Uniview Guards a Safe and Beautiful Life

Kigali is the capital and largest city of Rwanda. In order to help manage the traffic conditions and accidents, Uniview participated in this project together with its partner since the beginning of 2019 by providing advanced products including UNV PTZ, VMS, IPSAN, Video wall.


1. UNV starlight technology solves the problem of poor image environment in the low illumination, which is of great help to reduce the crime rate. In addition, UNV excellent hardware design, IK10 explosion-proof grade, can cope with harsh environments and vandalism.

2. UNV VMS-B800-A is a powerful and highly reliable video surveillance management platform that offers a comprehensive solution, and specialized for large-scale surveillance. The centralized management of thousands of cameras, a safe and stable Linux system, and strong system compatibility help Rwanda to achieve efficient, unified and safe city monitoring and management.


3. In order to meet the needs of ultra-large data storage, Uniview uses professional network storage with optimized cache algorithm which is specially designed for video surveillance industry. Cache partition and cache reasonable sorting enhances writing performance, while cache pre-read enhanced reading performance. UNV Kinds of carrier-class hardware design ensures high reliability and ability of 24*7 continuous work. Besides, there is a great improvement on reliability of data security technology by UNV powerful RAID engine, so that Nebula never lose a second of video footage.

4. Uniview applied a very narrow border LCD splicing screen, because of that, the quality of LCD panel is likely to influence the screen display performance, such like the brightness, contrast, color, viewing angle and other very important parameters of monitor. UNV monitor adopts professional industrial-grade panel to meet the requirements of high brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle and 24/7 continuous operating.