Success Cases
Uniview Guards Entertainment Business Monte Casino in South Africa

Monte Casino is a most famous entertainment place in South Africa and even in southern Africa. It integrates with casino, cinema, restaurant and hotel, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors every day. It is located in Fourways, Johannesburg administrative district.


Since March 2020, South Africa has been under lock-down for several months due to the Covid-19. At the peak of the first wave of the epidemic, more than 10,000 new cases were reported every day. In order to meet the needs of people's entertainment and leisure and continue to run the business safely, Monte Casino actively adopted various epidemic prevention and control measures. Temperature measurement is one of the important links.

Based on that, a number of suppliers participated in the POC test. In the end, UNV product stood out and was recognized by Monte for its excellent product quality and performance.

Solution Highlights

OET-213H-BTM32 would always be the most popular choice amongst all the UNV heat-tracker series. By temperature measurement process, it can be applied in various scenarios, such as school, enterprise, community, super market, bank, casinos, etc. This terminal can measure one’s forehead temperature at 1 meter away. It will only open the door or turnstile when detected body temperature is under 37.3℃.


With 7 inch touch screen and fast face detection process, the operation can be quite convenient so it can be easily used with little training but still provides a solid solution to detect people with potential fever. Besides, it supports wiegand & I/O connection, and can be used for access systems and provide visiting records. The terminal also supports mask detection, and gives voice alarm if the person is not wearing a mask, which is a useful function under the COVID-19.