Success Cases
Uniview Provided the Heat-Tracker Series for Embassy of Ukraine in Vietnam

The Ukrainian embassy in Vietnam is a state diplomatic agency located in the capital Hanoi. Diplomatic relations between the two countries were established on 23 January 1992.  Embassy of Ukraine in Vietnam was established in 1997.

As a national administrative agency, many Vietnamese and Ukrainian agencies, organizations or citizens come to work here every day. Therefore, the administrator always puts strict requirements on the level of security and safety.

The hall and meeting rooms need 24/7 monitoring to ensure safety in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, management is becoming increasingly complicated, and how to ensure the health and smooth operation is the biggest problem.

Especially when the COVID-19 translation has not been controlled yet, after having an in-depth conversation on preparing for working normally while ensuring the safety of employees and the community, Uniview provided Embassy of Ukraine in Vietnam with the professional contactless temperature screening access control solution to solve that problem. When the embassy is working as usual during COVID-19, it helps to improve safety. Uniview delivered a metal detector security gate solution that integrates with a temperature measurement device aimed at controlling who brings metal objects into embassies, while also checking people for high body temperatures. With only one device, it meets both of the requirements of the customer for metal detection and checking body temperature automatically when people come inside the embassy.

With the advantage of integrating 2 features in one device, simple and convenient in installation, as well as having high accuracy such as:

• Non-contact temperature measurement on the wrist, can make sound alarm when a high temperature is detected.

• 30℃~45℃ measurement range, high accuracy (precision to 0.1℃, measurement error ≤0.3℃), 1cm~4cm measurement distance.

• Highly sensitive metal detector can pinpoint locations of metals, adjustable sensitivity levels allow effective detection of banned objects.

In addition, customers also appreciate the convenience and efficiency from the device. Compared with traditional body temperature screening tools, non-contact detection is safer and can avoid cross-infection.

What’s more, after the COVID epidemic has been contained, customer can change their use purposes such as timekeeping or access control by facial recognition.

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