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Pro Network Camera
Ultra-smart, ultra-high resolution.
Suitable to enterprise and project.
IP Camera-Pro Technology Product List Press Release
UNV Pro series are born with excellent ultra-smart technology to deliver superior user experience. Powered by intelligent functions, products in Pro series are able to adapt to a range of tough situations.
4K@30fps, 2MP@60fps, LightHunter, WDR, abundant interfaces…in addition to these excellent performance, Pro series also includes OmniView camera, which combines multiple sensors to provide a panoramic view. Besides, AlphaView is a series of cameras that with built-in high-end intelligent chip and deep learning algorithm. It focuses on people and vehicles in an image with high accuracy, enabling users to focus on real events. The Pro series products are the first option for enterprise and project applications.
Higher Reliability
Operate stably in various complex environments.
Long-Focus Lens
Change the multiplication to see further and clearer.
Built-in high-end intelligent chip and deep learning algorithm.
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